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Welcome to Assist Kikaku Co., Ltd. where we design and build liveable and comfortable homes for a unique Hokkaido lifestyle experience.
We specialize in services for international clients exploring their own Hokkaido living experience with homes that enhance their vision.

We are dedicated to the pursuit of "highly airtight and highly insulated housing" that provides warm and comfortable living during Hokkaido's long and harsh winters.
Since our establishment in 1992 we have designed and built over 1,000 homes. We have specialised experience in design and construction to meet the needs of our clients in this environment.

Beyond high thermal performance, we primarily focus on custom-designed homes emphasizing liveability and design.
Our flexibility in shaping a wide range of customer requests and lifestyle imaginations into beautiful functional homes is our strength.

We service international clients seeking to build homes for both private lifestyles and commercial use, including the design and construction of vacation homes, apartments, condominiums, and land development in and around Sapporo and Niseko.

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